EMERGENCY CALL-OUTS : In   the   event   of   a   plumbing   or   electrical   fault   in   a   common   or   external   area;   causing   a threat    to    health    or    safety,    or    causing    damage    to    property,    or    causing    severe inconvenience,    and    this    is    out    of    hours,    you    should    telephone    the    emergency number of a plumber or electrician of your choice. Please inform Brunel Management during normal working hours. We are pleased to suggest the following emergency numbers: Electrical: JEC 505050 Plumbing: JEC 505050 / John Warrener 722243 Drains:   Dyno-Rod 485000 / Drain-It 720988 We suggest you print out this information and keep it close to a telephone.
Telephone:  01534 750200 Email:    admin@brunel.je