Brunel   Management   Limited   took   over   the   management   and   administration   of   Betticlos Properties   Ltd   on   1st      January   2007.   The   information   on   this   website   is   collated   from   the records   and   books   of   the   Company   existing   prior   to   this   date   (“the   prior   records”)   and from   records   compiled   after   the   said   date   (“the   later   records”).   Brunel   believes   it   has accurately   collated   the   prior   records   for   the   purposes   of   this   website   but   cannot   be   held responsible   for   their   accuracy.   Brunel   believes   to   the   best   of   its   knowledge   that   the   later records   are   correct. The   information   provided   in   this   website   is   taken   from   that   held   in   the normal   course   of   business.   Brunel   Management   Limited   makes   no   warranty   that   such information   is   accurate,   complete   or   up-to-date   in   every   respect   and   shall   not   be   held responsible   for   any   error   or   omission   in   the   said   information   or   for   any   damages,   costs   or expenses   or   consequential   damages,   costs   or   expenses   arising   wholly   or   partly   from reliance on any such information provided in good faith.
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